The Integral Lift System is a state-of-the-art technological innovation developed by M/s Interpark of Italy which combines the advantages of the different car handling systems presently available in the market. It allows depositing and retrieving a car directly on the concrete slab of the car slot similar to the push-pull systems, but simultaneously allowing the user to leave the hand brake and the gear engaged, as in the comb-type and pallet systems. All is needed is a recess in the concrete slab where the 2 transfer trolleys can slide.

The system is composed of 2 independent trolleys, each one being equipped with its traveling, hoisting and turning mechanisms. When no car is on board, the 2 trolleys are mechanically linked together while traveling and the wheel supports are closed.

In this configuration the trolleys slide underneath the car which must be picked up. When the position corresponding to the center of the front wheel axle is reached the trolleys stop, trolley N° 1 opens its wheel supports on both sides of the front tires and lifts them up. Simultaneously 2 wheel supports of trolley N° 2, equipped with a pressure sensor, are opened.

The lifting of the front wheels disengages the hooks which mechanically link the 2 trolleys and trolley N° 2 travels backwards until the sensor positioned on the already opened wheel supports touches the rear tire, provoking the stop of the trolley underneath the rear axle. The two remaining wheel supports are opened and the rear axle is lifted up. At this stage the car is completely lifted up from the parking floor slab and the trolleys travel back on the mechanism assuring the vertical or horizontal movement.


Once the 2 trolleys with the car on board have reached their final destination, both the car axles are lowered simultaneously, the 4 couples of wheel supports are closed, the 2 trolleys are mechanically linked again and they are ready for the next operation.

The time for a pick-up or depositing operation is less than 35 sec.