Suvidha Parklift Ltd. customizes the parking solution for each and every customer and project (Commercial complex, Residential complex, IT Park, Hotel, Hospital, Showroom, etc) as per their requirements – area of land available, number of cars to be parked, maximum height the parking tower can go up above the ground, or below the ground, traffic flows, etc. All the products of Suvidha Parklift can be broadly classified into 3 categories:

(Multiple Elevators + Multiple Shuttles)

These are particularly suitable for large parking of several hundred car spaces, such as public parking with hourly rates or private parking for large buildings. Each system is composed of two main elements: Elevator and Shuttle. They are suitable for projects which are underground, above ground, or a combination of both. A pallet as well as an integral lift system is suitable for use with this system.


These systems offer a series of lateral and vertical movement of pallets to accommodate maximum cars within the available area. These are self-supporting steel structures and operated through Programmable Logic Controls (PLC’s). Parking is possible from 2 to 6 levels above the ground, or a combination of both above ground and underground.


These are meant for parking two passenger cars one over the other and are standard units for accommodating two cars in the space of one. These can be installed in a series one besides another.

For more information on the various types of parking solutions possible, please contact us.