A large variety of parking systems suitable for installation indoors, in basements, open floors or open spaces outside commercial buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, and other public places can be supplied. Such multi-level automated car parking systems have been installed all around the world, especially in Europe, Korea, Japan and some other parts of South-East Asia.

There is an overwhelming need for these systems because of increasing traffic and non-availability of adequate parking spaces, especially in urban cities. The most unique feature of such systems is that they increase the parking space available on the ground by more than 30%, depending upon the kind of system installed and the contours of the space available.

Multi-level parking systems require careful planning and assessment of the space available, traffic flows, and the capacity utilization within that space. These systems can be integrated within concrete (RCC) structures. The individual components are installed inside this structure for its operation.

Some of the advantages/benefits of these systems are:

  • Uses the most modern and latest technology, ensuring long life of such systems. A life span and functioning of all the mechanical parts can be guaranteed for over 20 years, if maintained properly by the user.
  • Reduced ground space requirement as compared to conventional parking systems.
  • Low parking and retrieval times – 90 seconds to 150 seconds per car depending on the configuration.
  • Reduced noise levels in such systems, when compared to conventional parking lots as car engines are not running while being parked in and out.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Safe operation; safety devices conforming to the EU standards used.
  • Environment friendly, as car engines are not running while being parked in and out.
  • Reduced chances of fire hazard and no risk to human lives.
  • No danger of assaults, car break-ins and damages to personal belongings as there is no human presence inside the parking tower.
  • The whole structure can be customized as per customer’s requirements and limitations. Each level inside the parking system can be varied as per the dimensions of various cars, as SUV’s would need a much larger clear height than a normal sedan. These systems can be built for maximizing space and volume utilization.

Some of the key moving components in the multi-level automated parking systems offered by Suvidha Parklift Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • Elevator (for Vertical movement of cars)
  • Shuttle (for Horizontal movement of cars)
  • Integral Lift Trolley, ILT (For transferring cars between the Shuttle and the concrete floor, or any other resting platform in the car parking bays)
  • Turntable (For turning the car up to 360 degrees to help the user in driving out through the exit door in forward direction